Euramax Solutions Offering Complete Thanks to Three New Products for Holiday Home Sector

Posted on: February 7, 2022

The UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of PVCu window and door systems to the holiday home sector have strengthened its position at the top by launching three new products for its loyal customers.

  • A 60mm Window System (Tritec)
  • A new Enhanced Liner System as an upgrade on its standard one.
  • A cornerless Deep Wall liner System

All three mean that Euramax Solutions offering to customers is now complete, and Nick Cowley, the company’s MD, said: “We have always been committed to supporting our customers and bringing these three brand new products to the market is in response to their needs.

“We now have all the price points covered for our liner systems; our standard existing liner system, which we’ve supplied for many years, the enhanced system which allows for much thicker walls with improved aesthetics and functionality, and at the top of the range we have the corner less, Deep Wall System. Our offering really is market-leading now.”

Euramax Solutions started work on developing the Deep Wall Liner System in 2020 before the COVID pandemic slowed things down. In May this year, however, they developed the latest version and are now supplying customers’ production lines.

The company has developed and introduced new production cells in the factory for the manufacture of the systems and is working closely with customers to introduce the new products to their production lines.

Pemberton Leisure Homes are taking the new window system and the Enhanced Liner System, while Victory Leisure Homes and Atlas Leisure Homes have come on board for the Deep Wall Liner System.

The bespoke fixing systems not only work with the current window system and the new Tritec window system, but they also work with Sliding Patio door systems, Double French doors, and Single Entrance doors too.

Nick added: “We can mix and match many different systems to meet our customer’s requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality at different price points. From the entry-level, Hire fleet type products, to the middle ranges, to the very top of the product offering where we’re doing internally glazed, Domestic 70mm windows with a 1.4 U-value, and we will be looking to achieve 1.2 shortly.”

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