Record growth for Euramax Solutions

Posted on: June 14, 2021

Leading UK uPVC window and door manufacturer Euramax Solutions has ramped up production to the point it’s making a record 3,400 frames per week.

This increase, up from a previous weekly total of 3,100, comes as the company continues to experience huge demand for the products it provides.

Nick Cowley, Euramax’s Managing Director, said: “We had been doing 3,100 frames a week, but due to the sheer volume of orders we have coming in, we’ve now been able to up that by another ten percent – which is just the beginning of what we can achieve if demand continues to climb.”

Euramax’s streamlined, automotive-influenced production processes are why the company leads the way in the holiday home market and has strengthened its hold in both the construction and modular sectors in recent years. It also means it can easily ramp up its volumes even further.

“With extra shifts, and commitment from the customer base we’d have the capacity to supply 6,000 frames a week, and with investments in machinery, we could take that as high as 10,000,” Nick continues.

“Our whole business is geared round high-volume repeat business, and we’re very willing and able to step up production if required with customers wanting long-term commitments.”

As businesses across the sector struggle with unprecedented supply chain disruption, Euramax is also insulated from that to some extent on the glass front.

“Many fabricators are finding glass hard to come by, but thankfully we have secured supply from market leaders Guardian, with pre-allocated orders up until the end of August. We’ll have everything we need.”

It all means that the future looks increasingly bright for Euramax and its customers.

For more information on Euramax, visit or call 01226 361639.

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