Off-site manufacturing

Our customers work with us, because we understand what lineside production requires.

The benefits of offsite building construction are well chronicled and include speed of construction, consistent high quality, a skilled workforce, flexibility, cost reduction, reduced waste and is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. Euramax has taken this approach to our supply chain, production and customer deliveries to ensure we align with you.

Off-site manufacturing
Ilke homes modular construction site
Builders merchant channel

We are the largest supplier of uPVC and Aluminium solutions to the builders merchant channel in the UK .

Euramax, is a leading supplier to the UK’s national builder merchants network, with our products also available through key regional merchants as well. We understand that windows and doors are extremely important assets of a building and that’s why we believe it important to have both national and regional partners.

Builders merchant channel
Builders merchant
Holiday home & leisure

We are the leading supplier of window & doors to the Holiday home & leisure sectors.

With an extensive product range and innovative manufacturing methods, we’re able to deliver solutions that make holiday homes look and feel just like home. Our French and Patio doors are ideal for extending the inside outdoors and provide the perfect opening to decked living areas. Making the outdoors easier to access is our key priority.

Holiday Home & Leisure
Holiday and leisure
Our capabilities

Established in 1950, Euramax has grown from a small, local supplier, to a trusted, national manufacturer of innovative products that meet customer needs


70 Years


205,000sq ft



Manufactured per week

3,300+ Products